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Electricity & Magnetism


Interview with Astronaut Don Pettit

We talk to Don about scary moments in space, immigrating to Mars, human spaceflight and more.


Ben Van Dusen

What does one of the largest three-dimensional models of the solar system, Quantum Chaos in Nanoelectronics, the iPad, teaching and disc golf have in common? Besides varying from large to very small; from complicated computer technology to simple physics; from inside to outside and to far outside our Earth, these varied interests have found a friend in Ben Van Dusen.


Sam Wurzel

If you’ve ever searched for a microcontroller or a transistor online, you may have come across, a search engine for electronic parts co-founded by Sam Wurzel in 2006.


Rob Semper

Rob Semper is the Executive Associate Director of the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco.


Jim Valles

A physicist at Brown University, Valles uses strong magnetic fields to cancel the effects of gravity on frog embryos, so they float in thin air.