People in Physics by Topic



Ben Van Dusen

What does one of the largest three-dimensional models of the solar system, Quantum Chaos in Nanoelectronics, the iPad, teaching and disc golf have in common? Besides varying from large to very small; from complicated computer technology to simple physics; from inside to outside and to far outside our Earth, these varied interests have found a friend in Ben Van Dusen.


Andrew Noble

Andrew Noble hopes to use his knowledge of physics in a way you might not expect. He is working to help preserve the diversity of life on Earth.


Al Osborne

Al Osborne doesn't have much of an accent anymore, but there's still a bit of the Texas drawl that even a few decades in Italy haven't erased.


Geoffrey West

Like many people, Geoffrey West had difficulty with his high school physics classes.


Terence Hwa

Terence Hwa's research is in unconventional areas, as he shuttles between statistical physics, molecular biophysics and theoretical genomics. He says, “I don't fit into any particular community.”


Anne Catlla

As an applied mathematician, Anne Catlla, a postdoctoral associate at Duke University, applies mathematical methods to a wide range of physical phenomena, learning about a variety of interesting subjects in the process.