Physics in Action by Topic

Thermodynamics & Heat

Lasers and nanoengineering team up to take on one of nature's oldest and deadliest diseases.

Using Gold Nanoparticles to Kill Cancer

Lasers and nanoengineering team up to take on one of the deadliest diseases


Passively Cool: A Departure from A/C

A potential low-energy alternative to air conditioning.


In Depth: Fusion Strides at NIF

How scientists recently pushed closer to sustainable fusion


Glowing Carpets: Rolling Out in 2014

Pragmatic and beautiful light transmissive carpets


Tiny Particle Accelerators

These powerful particle accelerators can fit on a desk


Neurons and Nuclear Tests

Nuclear bomb tests have opened doors in neuroscience


"Breathprint" Identification

Scientists can now identify people by their breath — just like a fingerprint


"Living" Crystal Colonies

These inanimate crystals form colonies under UV-light, like bacteria

eSpraying on Energy Efficiency

Spraying on Energy Efficiency

In the next few years you might be able to buy a spray that could dramatically increase the energy efficiency of your house.


GRACE Under Fire

Remote and beautiful, Antarctica is covered by an ice sheet averaging several kilometers in thickness that locks up some 70% of Earth’s fresh water—if it all melted, the oceans would rise about 70 meters.


Ice Ages

In the controversy over global warming, some people have suggested that human-induced warming might be a good thing if it kept us out of the next Ice Age.


Blowin' in the Wind

After crossing Florida, Hurricane Katrina headed into the Gulf of Mexico early on August 26, 2005 as a Category One hurricane.