Nikola Tesla and the Electric Fair (2008)

Born in 1856 in Smiljan Croatia, Nikola Tesla was a true genius. A close friend of Mark Twain and bitter rival of Thomas Edison, he invented such things as the remote control and the AC generator.  In 1893 he was charged with lighting the Chicago Worlds Fair, the first electric fair in the world, nicknamed The White City.

Come help Tesla light the great electric fair this fall by participating in PhysicsQuest 2008.  Your middle school classes will learn about light, magnetism, and electricity in a quest to help Tesla light Chicago's fair.

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Activity 1: Disappearing Crystals format-pdf

Activity 2: Dancing Compasses format-pdf

Activity 3: Shake it up! format-pdf

Activity 4: Magnet Powered Pinwheel format-pdf

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PhysicsQuest 2008 Activity 3 Helpful Hints