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Thermodynamics & Heat

Learn about the structure of metals as you use a paper clip to turn mechanical work into heat!

Paper Clip Heat

Learn about the structure of metals as you use a paper clip to turn mechanical work into heat!


Balloon Acceleration in a Car

What happens to a helium balloon in an accelerating car?


Ice Cream at Home

Learn the physics behind making this tasty treat


Homemade Lava Lamp

Embrace your inner 1970’s teenage self with this makeshift lava lamp


Is It Hot in Here?

Create your own homemade thermometer


Air Matters

You can detect the tiny mass of air with materials from around the house


Make it Rain

Create your own indoor rainstorm

Tea Bag Rockets

Fiery Tea Bag Rockets

What's the best way to turn a tea bag into a flying "rocket"? Set it on fire.

Matchstick Rocket

Physics by the Fire: Match Stick Rocket

This experiment is "Outta this world!" Make your own rocket ship... for ants.


Physics in the Sink: Balloon Pop, Or Not

Normally if you put a balloon over a flame, the balloon will pop, but what happens when you put a water balloon over a flame?


Physics in your Glass: Racing Molecules

Have you ever come in from a day of sledding or ice skating and sat down for a drink of cold chocolate? Or had a glass of hot lemonade in the summer? Probably not. We use hot water for some things and cold water for others. Have you ever thought about what makes hot water hot and cold water cold?


Physics in a Bottle: Expanding Thermometers

Knowing the temperature outside is important if you live in Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; or one of the many other places where the temperature can change by 30 degrees from one day to the next. Want to make your own thermometer?


Physics in the Snow: Snowy Colors

Most people associate Ben Franklin with electricity, but his first recorded experiment was on something totally different – color and heat. You’ve probably noticed that you heat up faster in the sunlight if you’re wearing a dark shirt.


Physics in the Microwave: Microwave Soap

What did people do before microwaves? Imagine having to use the oven to heat up your leftover pizza or an air popper to make popcorn…and how else could you make these amazing soap sculptures?