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Space & the Universe


Make Your Own Compass

Find the Earth's North Pole quickly and easily


Free Fall

Create a weightless environment here on Earth

Supernova Remnant thumb

Sound in Space?

Experiment with sound (or lack thereof) in a vacuum

Lens thumb

Gravitational Wine Glass Lens

A simple home experiment can mimic the light-bending effects of dark matter


Physics in a Water Bottle: Ketchup Commander

Get ready to amaze your friends with this one! They will watch in awe as you use magical powers (ahem, physics) to command a packet of ketchup to rise, sink, and levitate....and it obeys you.


Physics on a Swinging Tray: Greek Waiters Tray

Did you forget to pay the gravity bill this month? That's what people will think when they see your Greek Waiter's Tray defy gravity.