Physics@Home by Topic

Material Science

Learn about the structure of metals as you use a paper clip to turn mechanical work into heat!

Paper Clip Heat

Learn about the structure of metals as you use a paper clip to turn mechanical work into heat!


Sewing Kit Cartesian Diver

Exploring buoyancy with this quick experiment


Balloon Acceleration in a Car

What happens to a helium balloon in an accelerating car?


Ice Cream at Home

Learn the physics behind making this tasty treat


Is It Hot in Here?

Create your own homemade thermometer


The Egg Squeeze

You can squeeze an egg into a jar with just the power of air pressure


Permanent Rainbow

Create a lasting rainbow with some nail polish


Solid as a Rock?

Rocks may seem solid, but there's more to them than meets the eye.


Overflowing Surface Tension

How does water rise above a full glass without spilling?


Floating Rice Friction

Make a bottle of rice "float" with this friction demo


Colorful Oobleck Fun

Make your own non-Newtonian fluid in this demo

Tea Bag Rockets

Fiery Tea Bag Rockets

What's the best way to turn a tea bag into a flying "rocket"? Set it on fire.

ice in oil

Physics in a Glass: Ice and Oil

Some say water and oil don’t mix, but what about ice and oil?


Physics in the Nursery: Baby Oil and Water

Did you know that even in a baby’s room you can find physics? Crying babies and quiet places don’t always mix and neither do baby oil and water, two common things in a nursery. But why doesn’t oil mix with water? Try this fun experiment to explore what happens when water meets oil.


Physics in a Water Bottle: Ketchup Commander

Get ready to amaze your friends with this one! They will watch in awe as you use magical powers (ahem, physics) to command a packet of ketchup to rise, sink, and levitate....and it obeys you.

beauty of snowflake

Physics When It’s Cold Outside: Snowflake Symmetry

Bring the beauty of snow inside, while leaving the cold outside by creating paper snowflakes and exploring symmetry.


Physics at Mealtime: Capillary Action

This is a fun activity to try when you're waiting for the waiter to bring you your food, but consider yourself warned that not all people think it's appropriate to play with your straw at the dinner table.


Physics in the Toy Room: Toppling Towers

Most of us played with blocks during our childhood and could hold our own at tower-building, or at least tower-toppling. Even adults get into the game Jenga® – a game where players try to add to the height of a tower without making it fall. But, have you ever really paid attention to how towers fall?