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Force & Motion

Learn how this mysterious

Wheels and Whirlwinds: the Coriolis Effect

Learn how this mysterious force works with a trip to the playground!

Have some summer physics fun at the pool, and learn about buoyancy & vorticity in the process!

Physics at the Pool: Bubble Rings

Have some summer physics fun at the pool, and learn about buoyancy & vorticity in the process!


Sewing Kit Cartesian Diver

Exploring buoyancy with this quick experiment


Homemade Lava Lamp

Embrace your inner 1970’s teenage self with this makeshift lava lamp


Make Your Own Homopolar Motor

Make a simple spinning motor with household supplies


The Egg Squeeze

You can squeeze an egg into a jar with just the power of air pressure


Resonance: Earthquakes to Pasta

Shake your pasta and discover resonance


Office Chair Physics

Take a coffee break and get dizzy with this experiment


Backyard Roller Coaster Physics

Learn about centripetal force with a bucket of water


Floating Ping-Pong Balls

Floating ping-pong balls can teach us how airplanes stay aloft


Overflowing Surface Tension

How does water rise above a full glass without spilling?


Free Fall

Create a weightless environment here on Earth


Floating Rice Friction

Make a bottle of rice "float" with this friction demo


Colorful Oobleck Fun

Make your own non-Newtonian fluid in this demo


Canister Rocket

Make your own rocket with some antacids and a film canister


Where's the Air?

You can't see it, but you can feel it! Play with air and air pressure in this activity.

balloon bottle

Balloon Bottle

It’s like making a teeny tiny hot air balloon that doesn’t go anywhere!

paper trebuchet

Physics at Home: Creating a Paper Trebuchet

“Hey, can you pass me a paperclip?” "Why yes, I'll send one with my paper trebuchet."


Physics in the Sky: Physics on a Plane

This week we’re taking a break from being home and heading to the skies! Now that boring plane ride can be filled with physics!


Physics in the kitchen: Sink or Swim Soda

If you ever find yourself floating in the sea with only a can of diet soda and a can of regular soda, which one could be a floatation device.

water glass magic

Physics Over the Sink: Water Glass Magic

Defying the laws of gravity? Drinking water upside down? This must be magic… or science!

Matchstick Rocket

Physics by the Fire: Match Stick Rocket

This experiment is "Outta this world!" Make your own rocket ship... for ants.

can Demo1

Physics in the kitchen: The Magical Can Crusher

It’s not The Force, but it is caused by a force. Try this simple experiment and watch a can magically crush before your eyes.

whole bottle-tn

Balloon Lung

This isn’t the iron lung, or even a human lung, but did you know that every time you take a breath you have physics to thank for keeping you alive. That’s right! Physics is responsible for filling your lungs with air. Learn how your lungs work and make a model that is bound to amaze your friends and leave them…breathless.


Physics on the Kitchen Table: Base Isolated Buildings

Explore what happens to building during an earthquake.


Rocket Balls: Conserving Energy But Creating Fun

Will a ball bounce higher than it was dropped? You might say no, but come take a journey and allow a bug to tell you otherwise.


Physics on a Swinging Tray: Greek Waiters Tray

Did you forget to pay the gravity bill this month? That's what people will think when they see your Greek Waiter's Tray defy gravity.


Physics in the Toy Room: Toppling Towers

Most of us played with blocks during our childhood and could hold our own at tower-building, or at least tower-toppling. Even adults get into the game Jenga® – a game where players try to add to the height of a tower without making it fall. But, have you ever really paid attention to how towers fall?


Physics in the Bathroom: Ripping Neatly

Have you ever gone into a bathroom to find that a child (or pet) in the house unwound toilet paper all over the floor? Next time don't blame him or her – blame inertia!