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Compression Waves & Sound

Hot Cocoa Effect

Instant Physics: The Hot Cocoa Effect

A fun and tasty home experiment for the holidays

Inverted Wineglass Harp

Inverted Wineglass Harp

A new take on a musical physics classic


Resonance: Earthquakes to Pasta

Shake your pasta and discover resonance


Floating Ping-Pong Balls

Floating ping-pong balls can teach us how airplanes stay aloft

Supernova Remnant thumb

Sound in Space?

Experiment with sound (or lack thereof) in a vacuum


Physics in the Tool Shed: Toolaballoonaphone

Take an exercise ball, some fish net and some old wrenches and presto! You’ve got a music machine.


Physics on the Kitchen Table: Base Isolated Buildings

Explore what happens to building during an earthquake.


Physics in the Kitchen: The Dancing Ping Pong Ball

Amaze your friends with the dancing ping pong ball. It's not magic...It's science!

turkey baster

Physics in the Kitchen: The Musical Turkey Baster

In the kitchen there are plenty of gadgets that illustrate numerous laws and theories of physics, but none are music to my ears like the musical turkey baster.


Singing Rod

While everyone knows that the world needs more cowbell, it is a little known fact that an aluminum rod can sing to your heart’s content.


Physics in a Toroidal Vortex: Air Cannon

You are about to build your very own toroidal vortex generator. This device will efficiently transport air across the room in a dazzling display of fluid dynamics.


Physics at Your Desk: Drumming Fingers

Most of us hear things all the time – the click of the keys on the keyboard, the notes to our favorite songs, cracks of thunder that accompany a storm…but how does sound travel?