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Ask & Experiment has experiments for you to try at home, activity books to download, PhysicsQuest resources for your school or after school group, and a way you can get your physics questions answered by real physicists.


PhysicsQuest, a free competition for 6-9th grade students and after school groups, consisting of four science experiments that give students clues to solve a mystery. Classes can submit their answers online and be entered in a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are free to registered classrooms and groups. 

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Matchstick Rocket

Physics by the Fire: Match Stick Rocket

This experiment is "Outta this world!" Make your own rocket ship... for ants.


Physics in a Bottle: Expanding Thermometers

Knowing the temperature outside is important if you live in Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; or one of the many other places where the temperature can change by 30 degrees from one day to the next. Want to make your own thermometer?

Infrared and Blackbody Radiation

Is there a particular range of frequencies at which parts of the human body (or the human body overall) normally vibrates? Because in an episode of the sci-fi TV series Fringe, they claimed that they could figure out if one character was from this universe or a parallel universe by measuring the frequency at which he was vibrating.

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