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Japan's new X-ray satellite was lost in an accident a month after its launch. What did we learn in that month?

Hitomi, An Ambitious Endeavor Cut Short
Japan's Hitomi X-ray Observatory was lost in an accident just a month after launch. What did we learn in that month?

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Hot Cocoa Effect

Instant Physics: The Hot Cocoa Effect
A fun and tasty home experiment for the holidays

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Juli Morgan
Juli Morgan is a modern-day explorer. A geophysicist at Rice University, she has sailed on nine “research cruises” on specially designed ships to distant parts of the world.

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Meghan Trainor Was Right–It is "All About that Bass"
Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber… If you want to know about a generation, listen to its popular music. Songs rise to the top of the charts because they resonate with a lot of people. In fact, one way to explore cultural evolution, says r..

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The Manga Guide to Physics
In The Manga Guide to Physics, you'll follow alongside Megumi as she learns about the physics of everyday objects like roller skates, slingshots, braking cars, and tennis serves!

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