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Is There Need for a New Particle Physics Model?
High energy particle physics experiments in recent past have brought into question parts of the model currently used in particle physics.

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Kelly Chipps
Nuclear physicist, Kelly Chipps (AKA Nuclear Kelly), understands just how difficult it is for some people to understand physicists, with her diverse background she is striving to make physics accessible to everyone.

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Vancouver's TRIUMF Lab Bottles Atomic Shrapnel
While visitors and locals flock to Vancouver’s parks for a taste of the region’s famous untamed beauty, at TRIUMF labs another kind of natural exploration is taking place. Nestled among three green spaces, the enormous particle accelerator center mi..

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Gödel's Proof Review
Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems shook the foundations of formal logic and mathematics, but its meaning remained elusive even to experts for years. Today, however, there's an easier way to see how Gödel discovered his theorems.

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