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PhysicsQuest, a free competition for 6-9th grade students and after school groups, consisting of four science experiments that give students clues to solve a mystery. Classes can submit their answers online and be entered in a random drawing for prizes. PhysicsQuest kits are free to registered classrooms and groups. 

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water glass magic

Physics Over the Sink: Water Glass Magic

Defying the laws of gravity? Drinking water upside down? This must be magic… or science!


Physics on a Swinging Tray: Greek Waiters Tray

Did you forget to pay the gravity bill this month? That's what people will think when they see your Greek Waiter's Tray defy gravity.

Frying Pan Physics

A friend of mine claims to notice that when he takes a hot frying pan (with a warm, insulating handle), and pours cold water into it, the handle seems to get hotter. He thinks it is because the handle is less insulating than the air, thus the path of least resistance is through the handle.

This would make sense to me when you take the pan off of the heat, but he claims that it isn't until the water hits it that the handle gets significantly hotter. If this is true, what does the water have to do with it? If anything, wouldn't the water become the path of least resistance, and heat would move from the metal to the water, and from the handle to the air?

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