Thermodynamics & Heat

Physics in Action

Lasers and nanoengineering team up to take on one of nature's oldest and deadliest diseases.

Using Gold Nanoparticles to Kill Cancer
Lasers and nanoengineering team up to take on one of the deadliest diseases

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Balloon Acceleration in a Car
What happens to a helium balloon in an accelerating car?

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People in Physics


Lene Hau
In 1999, after years of practice, Lene Hau learned how to bicycle at the speed of light.

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Physics Buzz

Leidenfrost Effect Puts Perpetual Bounce into Hydrogel Beads
Not all great ideas come in the shower. Sometimes inspiration strikes when you're whipping up a stack of pancakes.At least that's what happened to the man who filmed the video above when he paused his cooking to perform an impromptu science experimen..

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Insatiable Birdie
Can a book inspire you as a child to grow up and solve one of the most famous mysteries of mathematics? Come take a peek inside Physics for Entertainment to find out. Originally published over seventy years ago in Russia, this classic book answers many fascinating questions that one might not even think are physics questions. “Can an invisible man see? Why are all cats grey when the candles are out?” The excerpt below explains the habits or our beloved drinking bird toy.

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