PhysicsCentral Team

Becky Thompson

Becky ThompsonBecky Thompson grew up near Annapolis, MD. After getting her BA from Bryn Mawr College in 2001 she decided she needed a change and moved to the Lone Star state where she got her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em!). Her research involved studying the intricate buckling pattern at the edge of daffodils and then computationally putting them into a fourth spatial dimension. While at UT she toured Austin with her Physics Circus show, making pickles glow for elementary school kids. She joined the PhysicsCentral team in 2008. When she is not making small explosions on her desk in the name of physics outreach she attempts to finish triathlons and bakes really tasty brownies. She has yet to set anything on fire that she didn’t mean to.

James Riordon

James RiordonJames studied physics at the University of Maryland, College Park. He designed instrumentation for Superconducting Super Collider in Waxahachie, Texas (which would have been the largest single experiment in history) until the project lost funding in 1992. Since then, James worked as an electrical engineer in a couple of particle beam labs, ran a small electronics development company, dropped everything to become a freelance science journalist, and now handles media relations for the APS. James learned to skateboard in 1972 and has been an avid skater, surfer and snowboarder ever since. In his spare time he also writes music (under the pseudonym Buzz Skyline) and plays, and is working on two books-a non-fiction look at the physics of the human body, and a science fiction story that features one nice penguin and one evil penguin.

Brian Jacobsmeyer

Brian JacobsmeyerAs a Colorado native, Brian has developed a high tolerance for snow drifts, little air, and slow ski lifts. Over the past four years, he studied physics and philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder; researched space dust; and developed a passion for ultimate frisbee. After graduating, Brian spent some time writing about drinking water before joining the Physics Central team as its science writing intern. Since joining the team, he’s had the opportunity to cover a variety of topics on the Physics Buzz blog including the intersection of his two favorite topics: physics and philosophy. Now, Brian manages the day-to-day operations of Physics Central as its editor. In addition to writing, Brian has been exploring new hobbies since moving from snowy Colorado. In fact, he has become a spectacular unicycle rider as evidenced by his well-timed bio picture.

Mike Lucibella

Mike LucibellaMike Lucibella grew up in the Boston suburbs (go Sox!) where he started getting excited about science by setting off model rockets and reading too much. When it came time to fly the coop, Mike studied print journalism and physics at American University in Washington DC. After graduating college he started as an intern at the American Physical Society and then just kind of hung around afterwards. When he's not writing about the latest exciting scientific discoveries, Mike likes to bike, hike and generally explore the world around him. In the summer of 2008, before starting at APS, he helped to lead a bike trip from Portland Oregon to San Francisco. He still finds time to ride and fix bikes at his local bike shop about once a week.

James Roche

James RocheBorn and raised in the Washington DC area, James Roche believes he may be the inspiration for the Rambo movies. His undiagnosed attention deficit disorder led him to pursue a degree in physics with a minor in art and visual technology. To help pay for calculators and paint brushes, he tutored math and science while directing skateboarding camps for five years. This somewhat strange assortment of interests helped him become the APS Project Coordinator for LaserFest, the 2010 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first working death ray laser. When he’s not talking about lasers, skateboarding or Rambo, you might find him throwing bricks at the basketball court or dancing to his own rhythm near your pub’s jukebox.